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Air Conditioning

Your vehicles’ air conditioning provides more than the luxury of keeping cool on a hot summer’s day. It also provides the practicality of demisting your windows and de-icing your windscreen. When AC units go wrong, it results in them working ineffectively, thus wasting fuel as it struggles to emit temperature controlled air. Our skilled mechanics will promptly and thoroughly inspect your car’s unit and perform any repairs necessary to keep it working to its optimum performance. If the capabilities of your air conditioning unit is concerning you, then contact us now. One of our helpful team will be happy to talk to you about our services as well as provide you a free quote for your consideration.

Trustworthy Technicians

Some garages will simply replace a vehicle’s AC when it starts declining, but we promise to always search to repair first. With such extensive knowledge and experience, our technicians will search your van or car’s unit to identify the fault. Only once the problem is properly identified will we start looking into replacement units. And we never commence work without your consent. Wallmead Motors operates with core values of trust and transparency. So you never have to worry about surprise fees.

Air Con Servicing

We will carry out routine performance tests for your car or van’s air conditioning unit. We also provide air con recharging, which manufacturers recommend at least every two years. Qualified technicians undertake each of these services. Alongside any inspections or fault-finding necessary. Trust us to provide the best care for your car, because we never sacrifice on the quality of our work. If your air con is failing, then get in touch today.


In the majority of cases where an AC unit has lost power, it can be easily rectified by a simple re-gas service. Most standard vehicle services don’t include re-gassing your air con. So even if you’ve recently had your car serviced, if you notice a decline in AC power, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our mechanics will promptly and professionally replace the gas in your unit and have it back to optimal performance within no time.

Get Your AC Unit Serviced Today

Call us now for extensive air conditioning unit repair and servicing.